Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 28, 2021

At Orchards and Vineyards, Birds Are Outperforming Pesticides

CornellLab of Ornithology  writes about using birds as an environmentally friends alternative to the pesticides

Across America and beyond, farm­ers and vineyard and orchard owners are enlisting wild birds—from raptors to songbirds—in a sustainable battle against pests. They erect nest boxes, install raptor perches, or plant inviting native cover—all of which offer less expensive natural pest control than other traditional methods.

Birds are environmentally benign, while poisons are not. And pest-controlling birds stay on the job, while pesti­cides must be reapplied, and the effect of bird-scaring balloons, hawk silhouettes, and propane cannons quickly wears off.

Read article at At Orchards and Vineyards, Birds Are Outperforming Pesticides | All About Birds All About Birds

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