Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 16, 2021

Upcoming Programs at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

Zoom Photography Workshop: “Blooming in Place” with Becky Jaffe
This 5-session course includes weekly exercises to hone our innate capacity for wonder. Space is limited.
Aug. 24 – Sept. 21, every Tuesday from 11 am – 12:30 pm | $250 for 5 sessions.
In this online course, we will bring a contemplative lens to the plant world, using the camera both as a scientific instrument to indulge our botanical curiosities and as an artistic tool to delight in the nearest nature we have access to whether it be the UC Botanical Garden, a backyard garden, local parks, potted plants on apartment balconies, or disturbed roadsides. Learn more.
Zoom Talk: Carnivorous Plants of the Garden with Horticulturist James Fong
Why are some plants carnivorous? What kinds of carnivorous plants are there? Can I grow them at home? Where are they found in the wild?
Thursday, August 26, 1:00 – 2:00 pm | Free for members, $5 for non-members.
Learn about the wonderful diversity of carnivorous plants with Horticulturist James Fong! James has over 15 years of carnivorous plant growing experience in the SF Bay Area. From the menacing jaws of the Venus flytrap to glistening sundews, James will showcase highlights from the Garden’s collection. Learn more.
You will also find out which plants we grow and sell here at the Garden year-round!

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