Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 27, 2021

Five Shifts to Decolonize Ecological Science — Or Any Field of Knowledge 

The Revelator reports on how European “explorers” left their mark not only on the environment, but also in knowledge systems.

Ecology has developed through a western knowledge production process that has gone hand in hand with extraction, violence and imperialism. Early European explorers and collectors were integral to the systems of colonial land management, and insights from what would become ecology have been used to justify social and environmental control.

Recognizing that science is not free of power and violence is a step towards improving knowledge systems and making them fit for purpose for an inclusive world.

In a recent paper we explore what is needed to change knowledge production in ecology, but our arguments also have further reach. We reflected on ecology as a subject of scientific inquiry and on the research process, and argue that it needs to change.

Read more Five Shifts to Decolonize Ecological Science — Or Any Field of Knowledge • The Revelator

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