Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 31, 2021

What Are 1,600 Species of Native Bees Doing in California?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021  10:00-11:00 AM PT

Presented Online via Zoom

Hosted by Belmont Village, Albany as part of the UC Retiree Learning Series.

Speaker: Gordon Frankie, Professor Emeritus of Entomology, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management at UC Berkeley.

Gordon Frankie is professor emeritus from UC Berkeley (as of July 1, 2020). He received his Ph.D in Entomology from UC Berkeley in 1968. He then went to Costa Rica for two years to research bees and their plants on a postdoc appointment from the former Botany department at UCB. Gordon taught courses in entomology and environmental science at Texas A&M University from 1970 to 1976 and then joined the Berkeley faculty in late 1976 where he taught the same courses. His specialty is native bees of California and Costa Rica and their host plants. He is also interested in how to conduct research so that it can be transferred easily to lay audiences. Gordon still teaches and also runs the urban bee lab on the Berkeley campus where he is actively curating about 122,000 bee specimens for eventual deposit in the Essig Museum of Entomology at UCB.

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