Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 2, 2020

Webinar: Fungal/Plant Relationships 11/5/20

from Yerba Buena CNPS Chapter

Mycorrhizae: The Mutualistic (usually) Relationship between Fungi and Plants

November 5, THURSDAY, 7:30pm Speaker: J.R. Blair

Get the Zoom meeting link here

Most plants, about 90% of all species, maintain a symbiotic relationship with fungi at the roots. Those relationships are called mycorrhizae and are usually mutualistic; that is, both members of the relationship benefit, although there are exceptions to that rule. J.R. Blair will introduce the mycorrhizal relationship, discuss the benefits that the plant and fungal partner receive, and present the various types found in nature. He will also talk about some of the more recent scientific revelations of this fascinating biological phenomenon.

J.R. Blair’s active interest in mycology began with his MS at SFSU in 1999. Since then he has been an active member of the Mycological Society of San Francisco, serving a two-year term as President and Fungus Fair chairperson for five years. He has taught mushroom identification workshops for mycological societies and outdoor education programs for many years. Currently he is a lecturer of biology at SFSU and is the director of the University’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus.

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