Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 24, 2020

Yosemite and Lassen Weather Advisories

Lassen National Park reports the following weather alert

A heads up that gusty winds are expected early Sunday morning through Monday night. The gusts may reach up to 70 mph over exposed terrain and ridgelines in the park.
According to the National Weather Service, this wind event looks to be the strongest event of the year so far. The winds will be strong enough to down weakened trees in forested areas.
With that in mind, hiking in the park is not advised due to the likelihood of snapping trees especially standing dead.
As a reminder, a fire ban is in place at Lassen. High winds coupled with extreme dry fuels and low humidity means that one spark will lead to catastrophic fire. Use extreme caution to prevent new fire starts.
Yosemite reports
Even as temperatures drop and nights in the mountains turn frosty, we’re still in fire season! If you’re planning a visit, be aware:
🔥 A red flag warning is in effect starting tomorrow night due to windy conditions and low humidity. Wood fires are prohibited throughout the park, including in campgrounds (gas stoves and charcoal grills are permitted).
🔥 There are four active fires burning in the Yosemite Wilderness, all of which started from lightning strikes in July–August.
🔥 Smoke from the large Creek Fire south of the park continues to impact views and air quality; check current conditions at

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