Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 18, 2020

Job Opportunity: Senior Pollinator Coordinator

Senior Pollinator Coordinator with CDFW

CDFW’s Non-game Wildlife Program is currently hiring for a Pollinator Coordinator. This is a 12-month limited term position, and applicants will need to complete the Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) exam.

The Nongame Wildlife Program is looking for a Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist) to work with a dedicated team of wildlife professionals and stakeholders to coordinate and support management efforts to conserve pollinators on Department lands and assess the status of terrestrial invertebrates of conservation priority. Under the direction of the Nongame Wildlife Program Environmental Program Manager, incumbent will serve as the Department’s statewide lead for pollinator conservation to directly support biodiversity conservation efforts in California. Incumbent is responsible for providing technical and editorial guidance on pollinator conservation and management and acts as the Wildlife Branch liaison to the other Department branches and regions. As Wildlife Branch liaison, incumbent will coordinate and collaborate with Department staff to compile, review, evaluate, and analyze data and other information related to pollinators and will represent the Department in coordinated efforts related to pollinator habitat restoration and enhancement, recovery and conservation actions, and monitoring. Incumbent is also responsible for assessing species status and supporting conservation efforts in California for terrestrial invertebrates listed or being evaluated for listing under the State and federal endangered species acts.…ntrolId=216570


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