Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 17, 2020

Homestead Valley Land Trust Wildflowers July 17/2020

Homestead Valley has a new wildflower update. See photos and maps at July 17, 2020

– Coast tarweed, one of the resinous madias is blooming yellow in meadows.
– Old man’s beard*, native of Europe, is an invasive vine that blooms in forests with fragrant white flowers.
– Roughleaf aster is blooming with pale flowers in meadows.

– American trailplant is blooming with white flowers on a stalk above arrow-shaped leaves.
– Broadleaf hellebore*, native of Eurasia, is an orchid blooming pinkish green in forests.
– California coffeeberry, one of the most common shrubs of the forest understory, is blooming with clusters of flowers.
– California honeysuckle, a vine, blooms with pink blooms.
– California spikenard dies back completely each year and grows 6-7′ in a season. It is blooming now with white dandelion-shaped flowers in the creek bed on the Maverick Trail up from the Ridgewood u-bend.
– Common snowberry bush is blooming with small white bell flowers in forests.
– Forget me nots*, this non-native invasive with pretty blue flowers is starting to bloom now in forests.
– Ocean spray bush is blooming with white frothy flowers in forests.
– Purple cestrum*, native of Mexico, is blooming with red flowers next to the bridge at Stolte Grove.
– Toyon is blooming with white flowers in forests.
– White hawkweed with its white flowers on tall stalks is blooming in forests.

Forest edge
– Alum root, with its small white bell flowers, is blooming at forest edge.
– American speedwell is blooming with blue flowers in a seep below Amaranth.
– Creeping snowberry is blooming at forest edge with pink bell flowers.
– Featherweed blooms with brown tufts at forest edge.
– Figwort, one of our great plants for insects is blooming with its irregular flowers at the forest edge.
– Hedgenettle, in the mint family, is blooming with mauve flowers at forest edges.
– Spicebush is blooming with red frilly flowers by the creek in Three Groves.
– Yerba buena, an aromatic creeping mint with white flowers, is blooming at forest edge.

– Black elderberry is blooming below Homestead Hill.
– Blue-eyed grass, a member of the iris family, is blooming with a bright blue flower on Homestead Hill.
– Bluff lettuce, a succulent, is blooming yellow on rock outcrops.
– California blackberry’s white flowers are blooming.
– California everlasting is blooming in the meadows of Homestead Hill.
– California mugwort is blooming with yellow tufts in meadows.
– California poppy’s bright orange flowers are blooming in meadows.
– Common yarrow with white flower clusters and distinctive lacy foliage is blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Coyote mint is blooming purple in meadows.
– Lance leaf self heal is blooming velvety purple in seeps on the Homestead Trail near 12.
– Naked buckwheat is blooming in meadows below Homestead Hill.
– Pincushion flower*, native of Europe, is blooming purple, pink and burgundy in the meadows of Cowboy Rock.
– Purple western morning glory is blooming with pink veined white trumpet flowers in meadows.
– Sticky monkeyflower is blooming orange in meadows.
– Common yarrow with white flower clusters and distinctive lacy foliage is blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Wavyleaf soap plant is blooming with sprays of white flowers that bloom in late afternoon.


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