Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 22, 2020

Homestead Valley Land Trust Wildflowers 6/21/2020

Homestead Valley has a new wildflower update. See photos and maps at June 21, 2020

– American speedwell is blooming with blue flowers in a seep below Amaranth.
– American trailplant is blooming with white flowers on a stalk above arrow-shaped leaves.
– California mugwort is blooming with yellow tufts in meadows.
– Spicebush is blooming with red frilly flowers by the creek in Three Groves.
– Toyon is blooming with white flowers in forests.

– Andrew’s clinton, with its bright pink lily flowers, is growing in the Weedon redwoods and can be seen from Laverne.
– Broadleaf hellebore*, native of Eurasia, is an orchid blooming pinkish green in forests.
– California buckeye, a tree lining many of our local streets is starting to bloom.
– California coffeeberry, one of the most common shrubs of the forest understory, is blooming with clusters of flowers.
– California honeysuckle, a vine, blooms with pink blooms.
– California spikenard dies back completely each year and grows 6-7′ in a season. It is blooming now with white dandelion-shaped flowers in the creek bed on the Maverick Trail up from the Ridgewood u-bend.
– Common snowberry bush is blooming with small white bell flowers in forests.
– Fairy bells, low and branching with white bell flowers hanging under the leaves is blooming in forests.
– Forget me nots*, this non-native invasive with pretty blue flowers is starting to bloom now in forests.
– Ocean spray bush is blooming with white frothy flowers in forests.
– Pacific star flower’s bright pink star-shaped flowers are blooming in forests.
– Purple cestrum*, native of Mexico, is blooming with red flowers next to the bridge at Stolte Grove.
– White hawkweed with its white flowers on tall stalks is blooming in forests.

Forest edge
– Alum root, with its small white bell flowers, is blooming at forest edge.
– Brown headed rush is blooming in the seep on the trail near 12.
– Celery leaved lovage is blooming with white umbrella flowers between 5a and 6a and on the Red Plum Trail.
– Climbing bedstraw with tiny 4-petaled cream flowers is blooming as it climbs over other plants.
– Creeping snowberry is blooming at forest edge with pink bell flowers.
– Crimson columbine is blooming with red and yellow flowers at forest edge.
– Featherweed blooms with brown tufts at forest edge.
– Figwort, one of our great plants for insects is blooming with its irregular flowers at the forest edge.
– Hedgenettle, in the mint family, is blooming with mauve flowers at forest edges.
– Striped coralroot, a beautiful orchid, is blooming with coral striped flowers and forest edge.
– Yerba buena, an aromatic creeping mint with white flowers, is blooming at forest edge.

– Black elderberry is blooming below Homestead Hill.
– Blue-eyed grass, a member of the iris family, is blooming with a bright blue flower on Homestead Hill.
– Bluff lettuce, a succulent, is blooming yellow on rock outcrops.
– California blackberry’s white flowers are blooming.
– California everlasting is blooming in the meadows of Homestead Hill.
– California poppy’s bright orange flowers are blooming in meadows.
– Chamise is blooming white and frothy on the Red Plum Trail knoll. The most widespread of chaparral plants, this is the only one left in Homestead with the last ceanothus right beside it.
– Checkerbloom’s pink is blooming in the meadows of Homestead Hill.
– Clustered thistle, purple and spiky is blooming on the Ridgewood Rock.
– Common vetch’s*, native of the Mediterranean area, pretty pink flowers are blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Common yarrow with white flower clusters and distinctive lacy foliage is blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Coyote mint is blooming purple in meadows.
– English daisy*, native of Europe, is blooming in the meadow below Amaranth.
– Flax*, native of the Mediterranean region, is blooming with pale blue flowers in meadows.
– Hairy wood sorrel is blooming yellow along the Homestead Fire Road.
– Harvest brodiaea is blooming bright blue in the meadow on the Ridgewood Rock.
– Hedge parsley* this noxious weed blooms with small white flowers in an umbrella cluster. It will soon go to seed an make burrs that stick to fur and clothing.
– Ithuriel spear’s bright blue trumpet flowers are blooming in meadows.
– Lance leaf self heal is blooming velvety purple in seeps on the Homestead Trail near 12.
– Milkwort is blooming low and purple in the meadow near 14.
– Naked buckwheat is blooming in meadows below Homestead Hill.
– Narrowleaf mule ears is blooming in meadows on the Homestead Hill.
– Pigmy weed, small and red is blooming on rock outcrops.
– Pincushion flower*, native of Europe, is blooming purple, pink and burgundy in the meadows of Cowboy Rock.
– Pineappleweed smells and is used like chamomile and is blooming in meadows on Homestead Hill.
– Purple western morning glory is blooming with pink veined white trumpet flowers in meadows.
– Scotch broom*, one of the most aggressive invasive shrubs in Homestead is starting to bloom with bright yellow pea flowers in meadows.
– Silver lupine with its clusters of purple pea flowers is blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Sticky monkeyflower is blooming orange in meadows.
– Common yarrow with white flower clusters and distinctive lacy foliage is blooming on Homestead Hill.
– Wavyleaf soap plant is blooming with sprays of white flowers that bloom in late afternoon.
– Coyote mint is blooming purple in meadows.- Coyote mint is blooming purple in meadows.


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