Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 24, 2020

Mono Lake Moments: Join the Mono Lake Committee digitally

Join the Mono Lake Committee digitally from wherever you are as you stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll share arriving birds, springtime flowers, and scenic views of the Mono Basin with you wherever you may be. Over the next few months you can bring Mono Lake into your home and enjoy some moments of peace and tranquility from the Mono Basin during these uncertain times.

Upcoming live events

every Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am PDT
Tune in to Facebook Live to watch
Recordings of the live events will also be uploaded to this page within 24 hours.

Recorded live events

You can play the most recent Mono Lake Moment below, and all other Moments are listed below that. You can also view the entire series on YouTube.

April 22: Celebrating Earth Day at Mono Lake

April 21: La ecología y la geología de Mono Lake

April 17: Nature journaling at Mono Lake

April 15: Los Angeles Aqueduct history in the Mono Basin (coming soon!)

April 10: Geology overview of the Mono Basin with Dr. Guleed Ali

April 8: Stormy afternoon at Mono Lake

April 3: Discussing Mono Lake’s level

April 1: Lee Vining Creek

March 27: Mono Lake Q&A

March 25: Talking tufa

March 24: Introducing Mono Lake Moments

Learn more about the Mono Lake Committee at

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