Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 3, 2020

California Wildflower Hikes Observations

California Wildflower Hikes  has a number of recent photos and wildflower observations. Here are the most recent.

  • It’s been a good year for Fritillaria’s so far, here’s my third species this spring. The first Fragrant fritillary (Fritillaria liliacea) that I’ve found blooming at Jepson Prairie Preserve, surviving being driven over by a PG&E work crew. Sitting very low in the grass. Found only in California, it has a CNPS rank of 1B.2
  • Canyon nemophila, Nemophila heterophylla. Lots of it blooming at Rockville Hills Regional Park in shady areas. There should be lots of it blooming by now at Black Diamond Mines, as we saw a lot of it in bud a week and a half ago (Coal Canyon trail). This photo is one tiny flower, when you find this plant there usually are masses of blossoms
  • My favorite violet, California golden violet, Viola pedunculata. This is from Rockville Hills Regional Park last week, but they are also showing up at Jepson Prairie Preserve (early for them, there!).

Go to (2) California Wildflower Hikes – Hometo see photos and older wildflower observations

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