Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 16, 2019

Bishop Creek Fall Color 10/15/19

Parcher’s Resort  reports on Bishop Creek Fall Color

Welcome to our fifth, and last, fall color report of the season. Since we close down on Sunday, we will be gracefully bowing out of the leaf peeping business. But what a wonderful stroke of luck we’ve had with the weather this year! The early cold snap at the end of September and the wind that came with it, only dulled the earliest of the fall color and the last couple windy days haven’t done much damage leaving the majority of the aspen and willow leaves to sit in glowing splendor about as long as one could hope for. Rarely are we taking pictures of vistas with this much fall color this late into October. Many areas have groves which have already peaked and are losing leaves but wherever the early color fades, more yellow and occasional orange or red seems to fill our views to take it’s place. It is still absolutely spectacular out there right now and we’re in the zone where both the upper and mid elevations of the canyon are bursting with color.

Bishop Creek Canyon Overall Color Above 8500ft Elevation – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Still extremely impressive in the higher reaches of the canyon. There are some specific areas (Table Mountain Camp, Surveyor’s Meadow) which were perhaps at their best last week, but there is still so much color along the road and canyon walls to consider the canyon very much in the peak zone of fall color. Some high points are the road between Parchers & South Lake, the east facing canyon walls near Willow camp, Sabrina and the North Lake Road.

Overall Conditions Below 8500ft Elevation – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Pretty much the whole drive up from the South Lake turnoff up South Lake Road or Hwy 168 towards Sabrina is in the peak zone. Some areas are still too green to be peak, but enough peak color dominates in the 8000ft to 8500ft elevation that now is about as good as it gets for this zone. The falls, Mt. Glen campground, Cardinal Village & pond and Bishop Park group campground just below Aspendell are looking especially exquisite.

Location Reports

Sabrina Campground to Sabrina Dam (9000ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Brilliant gold and yellow all the way from the North Lake turnoff to Sabrina. The area by the entrance of Sabrina campground was earlier to peak and first to fade, but everywhere else is loaded with color.

Willow Campground (9000ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
Some of the aspen lining the road are past peak, but the canyon walls beyond the campground and the large trees lining the So. Fork of Bishop Creek are amazing. Some really nice orange hues can be seen from here.

North Lake (9255ft) – Peak (75%-100%) Go Now!
One shoreline is pretty devoid of color, but the more popular views looking up canyon from the outlet are still in the peak zone. The quaint dirt road, one of my favorite spots in the canyon because the light is basically dummy proof, is there in peak autumn color for the post card photo op everyone wants to get.

Read more and see  photos at Parcher’s Resort

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