Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 12, 2019

Mono County Fall Color 10/10/19

Fall Colors in Mono County – Mono County Tourism 

October 10, 2019: Special Update – The winds were not as strong as predicted yesterday and this week’s report will hold true. We drove by Conway Summit last night and will upgrade it to 50-75% Go Now as there were some great sections of yellow and orange. The June Lake Loop was also looking much better than just a few days ago. Happy leaf-peeping!

October 9, 2019: PEAK WEEK ROUND ONE! If you want to see the fall colors in Mono County come within the next two weeks!

Lots of brilliant color to be found all over Mono County this week. Lobdell Lake Road, Sonora Pass Rock Creek Road, McGee Canyon and Uppers Summers Meadow Road will all be at full peak this week! Uppers Summers Meadow Road out of Bridgeport was the best we’ve ever seen it with a nice grove of RED trees.

Locations that are approaching peak but are still patchy include: The West Walker River, Monitor Pass, Twin Lakes Bridgeport, Tioga Pass, the upper sections of Lundy Canyon, sections of the June Lake Loop, and Convict Lake. These places have great colors with sections of yellow and even orange leaves but are still a week away from full potential.

Conway Summit, Lee Vining Canyon, and Crowley Lake are still pretty green at this point but will be on deck for next week. Virginia Lakes, Sagehen Summit and the Mammoth Lakes Basin are now past peak.

Go this week if you want to see full peak groves on foot: Molybdenite Canyon, McGee Creek, Parker Lake and Lundy Canyon will all be brilliant hikes!

0-10% – Just Starting
10-50% – Patchy
50-75% – Near Peak (Go Now!)
75-100% – Peaking (GO NOW!)
Past Peak – (You Missed It)


Monitor Pass (8,314′) – 50-75% Go Now! Still pretty green in sections but worth the trip this weekend. The tunnel view shot into the mountains should be peaking in 7 – 10 days.
Lobdell Lake Road (8,600′) – 75-100% Go Now! – Looking spectacular along the road right now. (See our video on social media) Sections of orange and yes, even red! Still some green groves so this will be the spot to go over the next two weeks.
West Walker River, Walker, Coleville and Topaz (5,200′) – 50-75% Go Now!– The West Walker River is approaching peak colors in sections while green and past peak in others. Antelope Valley is still very green. Head up Little Walker River Road and hike Molybdenite Canyon this weekend for full peak colors.  Rodriquez Flat and Mill Canyon are also approaching peak viewing.
Sonora Pass (9,623′) – 75-100% GO NOW! – Great color around Leavitt Meadows Pack Station and on top of Sonora Pass Right now!


Twin Lakes (7,000′) – 50-75% – Go Now! Nice bright orange colors in sections while others will still take another week.
Virginia Lakes (9,819’) – Past Peak.
Conway Summit (8,143) – 10-50% Nice sections of yellows but still mostly green. Go here next week!
Summers Meadow (7,200′) – 75-100% GO NOW! This area looks the best we have ever seen it! The full-color wheel is on display here as we even found a nice grove of RED leaves! Go here as soon as you can!


Tioga Pass (9,943′) – 50-75% Go Now! – Sections of nice color with a mix of green and past peak depending on location. This area might not fully develop and could be past peak next week.
Lee Vining Canyon (6,781′) – 10-50% – Nice sections of yellow but still pretty green around the campground.
Lundy Lake & Canyon (7,858′) – 50-75% Go Now! – Green around the lake and campground but peaking at the beaver ponds and up Lundy Canyon at the waterfalls.


Sagehen Summit (8,139’) – Past peak – If you go in the next two days you will still find a few groves of color but most of the brilliant color from this year is now gone.


June Lake Loop/Hwy 158 (7,654′) – 50-75% Go Now! Just barely made the “go now” category as most leaves are still green. You’ll still find areas around the loop with nice yellow colors and some sections that are past peak. Still plenty of time to mature here so plan to come within the next two weeks and make sure to check out their newest event Leaves In The Loop. (Parker Lake is still a must-see this weekend!)


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Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,996′) – Past Peak – Never really got going here as the cold temps seemed to hamper the progress.


McGee Creek Canyon (8,600’) – 75-100% GO NOW! – Brilliant colors up the canyon! You won’t be disappointed!
Around Crowley community (6,781′) – 10-50% Nice color changes up the hill and visible from US 395 but greener around the community.
Convict Lake (7850′) – 50-75% Go Now! – Sections of nice color around the lake with some green on the backside still waiting to turn. Some sections are past peak and still a ways to go in others.


Rock Creek Road (9,600’) – 75-100% GO NOW! Brilliant around the lake as of today but wont last long! Greener as you decline in elevation towards Toms Place.

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