Posted by: Sandy Steinman | August 10, 2019

Mt. Rainier Wildflowers 8/9/19

Mt. Rainier National Park reports

Currently Blooming

Subalpine meadows throughout the park are still colorful with numerous wildflowers. Even as some species fade, others are just beginning to bloom. Look for wildflowers like rosy spirea, Sitka mountain ash, and lupine. Please remember to stay on trails to protect these delicate plants. There are plenty of opportunities for the perfect mountain + wildflower photo from the trails! of cloves, are often buzzing with bees, hover flies, and other pollinators.

Please Note: As snow melts away, it may be tempting to skirt remaining patches of snow that are covering trails. However, by going off trail you are walking on and damaging the wildflowers that you may be coming to see! It is better to stay on trail even if that means crossing snow, particularly in the high-visitation meadows around Paradise and Sunrise.

Wildflower Reports

  • Sunrise (8/8) – Silver Forest Trail: Lupine, Gray’s Lovage, Scarlet, Magenta, and Orange Paintbrush, Pasqueflower seedheads, Bird’s Beak Lousewort, Cusicks Speedwell, Small-flowered Penstemon, Subalpine Daisy, Cascade Aster, Thread-leaved Sandwort and a few Tiger Lillies
  • Longmire to Paradise Rd. (8/8) – pearly everlasting, sitka valerian, scarlet paintbrush, lupine, yarrow, Cascade aster, slender bog orchid, arnica, rosy spirea
  • Steven’s Canyon Road  (8/8) -Cascade aster, pearly everlasting, thistle, cow parsnip, goat’s beard (late), fireweed, scarlet paintbrush, arrowleaf groundsel, rosy spirea, slender bog orchid, gray’s lovage, yarrow, lupine, stonecrop, goldenrod, oceanspray (late)
  • SR123/SR410 (8/8)- yarrow, fireweed, pearly everlasting, Oregon sunshine, stonecrop, scarlet paintbrush, thimbleberry, gray’s lovage, Cascade aster, arnica, thistly, cow parsnip
  • Pinnacle Peak to Plummer Peak (8/7) – Pinnacle Peak Trail: bog gentian, bistort, Sitka valerian (abundant), wild strawberry, gray’s lovage, pink mountain heather, white mountain heather, partridgefoot, Tolmie’s saxifrage, white rhododendron, birds beak lousewort, bracted lousewort, coiled beak lousewort, cliff penstemon, columbine, magenta paintbrush, rosy spirea, Cusick’s speedwell, lupine, arrowleaf groundsel; at Pinnacle Saddle: pasqueflower seedheads, columbine, harebell, lupine, Cascade asters, bistort; at Plummer Peak: lupine, spreading stonecrop (abundant), lousewort, partridgefoot, harebells, Cascade catchfly, cliff penstemon, arrowleaf buckwheat
  • Tipsoo Lake (8/8) – rosy spirea, subalpine daisy, grays lovage, pasqueflower seedheads (lots!), bistort, sitka valerian, pearly everlasting, arrowleaf groundsel, Cascade aster, magenta paintbrush, lupine, partridgefoot, pink and yellow monkeyflower

See photos at Mount Rainier Flickr group!

Plan Your Visit
Sunrise are two of the main visitor center areas at Mount Rainier National Park. Both areas are well known for their impressive wildflower meadows. The park also maintains dozens of trails perfect for wildflower viewing.

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