Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 8, 2019

Santa Monica Mountains Wildflowers 6/8/19

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has one new report

This has been a year when almost any hike you take in a wild place is going to give you a gratifying display of wildflowers. The popular media has frequently provided us all with dramatic flower reports and suggestions of where to see the more spectacular displays. Added to that is the drama and beauty of the recovering burned landscapes here in the Santa Monica Mountains. All in all this is a flower season not to be missed.

Malibu Creek State Park Backbone Trail 6/6
         There are still a lot of wildflowers blooming on the Backbone Trail where it crosses Piuma Road. I saw Golden Yarrow, Fern Leaf Phacelia, Indian Pinks, Wooley Blue Curl, Elegant Clarkia, Fleabane Aster,California Buckwheat, California Fuchsia, Orange Monkey Flower, Black Sage, Purple Sage, Bush Mallow, and Canyon Sunflower.
To access the Trailhead, drive up Piuma Road about 2 miles from Las Virgenes Road to the first big hair pin turn. This is where the Backbone Trail crosses Piuma. There is only parking for one car at the trailhead, so drive till you find a turnout to park in, and walk back down. Take the trail on the east side of the street.

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