Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 9, 2019

 Help Save Cavity Nesters in Los Padres NF

Read about efforts to help make Los Padres National Forest safer for cavity-nesters and how you can contribute.

Each year thousands of cavity-nesters – animals that prefer dark, narrow spaces for nesting and roosting, such as owls, other birds of prey and small birds – become entrapped in vertical open pipes of the Vault toilets (or commonly called pit toilets) found in most of our public lands across the country, including Los Padres National Forest.  These toilets feature 12″ vertical ventilation pipes that mimic the natural cavities preferred by various bird species. Once the bird enters one of these pipes it cannot get out, suffering a terrible death.  But installing a durable and affordable steel screen developed by the Teton Raptor Center will put an end to these deaths. They are being installed all over the US, Canada, with over 14,000 screens already distributed!

Read more and if you wish to contribute to the efforts to help fund ventilation pipe screens in Los Padres National Forest go to Fundraiser by Jeri Edwards : Help Save Cavity Nesters in Los Padres NF

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