Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 6, 2019

Texas Hill Country Wildflower 4/5/19

Texas Wildflower Report has an update on Hill Country Wildflowers

Based on recent input from some users and one of our veteran wildflower reporters, the Mason Area has improved some, but not as much as we all might have hoped. I am writing up a 2019 Wildflower Season Update to help explain why some areas are not performing to the level we had expected. That said there are still some really nice areas out there. I am including a list of roads below that might still be good for next week.

Rain is in the forecast for this weekend. That should help extend the blooms some, but above normal temperatures are also in the forecast which will tend to shorten the bloom. I would suggest that you get out and visit the areas east of Texas 16 soon and Mason County by the end of next week. There will be some roadsides beyond peak and some fields at peak.

For the Mason area my report from 3/29/2019 should still be valid and the most recent reports and updates from the rest of the Hill County are still good too. You can find my Mason County report at:…/…/threadid/1463/scope/posts

For the Hill Country east of Mason County: Best roads right now and easiest to travel at: RR 2323 south from Llano, Texas 71 south from Llano, Texas 29 east from Llano, Texas 16 south to RR 1323 and Texas 152 southwest from Llano. Roads not doing well include: RR 965. Texas 71 west of Llano, Texas 16 north of Llano. The rest of the Hill Country reports are at:…/forumid/…/scope/threads . Just look for the most recent ones marked Hill Country.

And there are several visitor reports posted on this page at:…/posts_to_page/


See wildflower bloom reports  with photos at Texas Wildflower Report



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