Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 23, 2019

More Texas Hill Country Wildflowers 4/5/19

Texas Wildflower and Bluebonnet Sightings Report : Texas Wildflower Hot Spots and Pictures by Gary Regner Photography has a new report for april 5, 2019

April 5, 2019 – Hill Country Fails to Impress

On Thursday April 4, I traveled over 300 miles through the Hill Country in search of wildflowers to photograph. Unfortunately, expectations for a bountiful season do not appear to be coming true. There are many wildflowers (bluebonnets, paintbrush and others) lining many of the roads, but fields of flowers were not as common, and I saw no areas that come close to the blooms seen this year south of San Antonio in the Poteet area and Atascosa county. Blooms in the Hill Country beyond the fence-lines were not yet at peak, and there were some areas that might improve IF we get appreciable rain very soon, AND temperatures remain moderate and not like the high of 94 I experienced during my trip. I by no means covered all major roads, so there may be areas that are really good, but I’ve not seen them or heard about them from others. Here is a summary of my route:

  • * Hwy 29 from Georgetown to Liberty Hill – scattered wildflowers along the road, the only fields with any wildflowers were closer to Georgetown and consisted of verbena – Rating 1
  • * Hwy 29 from Liberty Hill to Burnet – wildflowers along the roads only, bluebonnets and paintbrush, light coverage – Rating 1-2
  • * Hwy 29 from Burnet to FM 1431 – roadside bluebonnets and paintbrush, average at best, occasionally extending into fields but with only light coverage – Rating 1-2
  • * Hwy 29 from FM 1431 to Llano – roadside bluebonnets, paintbrush and other assorted wildflowers that at times extend into fields beyond the fence-line, but with only light to moderate coverage – Rating 1-3
  • * Hwy 71 from Llano to Fredonia – roadside wildflowers especially paintbrush, mainly on the south portion near Llano, including some fields lightly to moderately covered in paintbrush; fewer and fewer wildflowers as you head west – Rating 1-3
  • * FM 386 from Fredonia to Mason – only scattered wildflowers along the road, very poor – Rating 0
  • * US 87 from Mason to FM 783 – roadside wildflowers that range from average to above average in spots; spotted a few fields with moderate coverage of bluebonnets – Rating 2-3
  • * FM 783 from US 87 to Doss – one of the best routes I saw, moderate to heavy coverage along the road, and some fields with light to moderate coverage of bluebonnets – Rating 2-4
  • * FM 648 from Doss to US 87 – some areas of verbena closer to Doss, then few wildflowers after that – Rating 0-1
  • * US 87 from FM 648 north to FM 152 – light to moderate roadside wildflowers including bluebonnets, downy paintbrush and others sometimes extending to fields with mainly light coverage, but moderate in a few areas – Rating 1-3
  • * FM 152 from US 87 to Llano – for a scenic drive, this was the best I saw; much of this route had moderate to heavy roadside coverage of bluebonnets and paintbrush and in many areas wildflowers extended beyond the fence-line into fields with light to moderate coverage of mainly bluebonnets. Closer to Llano (2-3 miles) there were some areas of heavily covered fields with bluebonnets, but very few areas were it would be safe to stop. Still these did not come close to what was seen in south Texas this year. – Rating 2-4

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