Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 25, 2019

This LAX-adjacent Ghost Town Now Burrowing Owl Preserve

The LA Times reports

Today however, this 2-mile ghost town of vanished homes supports a growing list of protected and endangered species that have somehow adapted to the throttled-up roar of passenger jets. Surrounded by hurricane fencing and “no trespassing” signs, the ,LAX Dunes Preserve is now a haven for some of the rarest creatures in California.

Scientists were elated by the recent discovery of 10 burrowing owls hunkered down in the 302-acre preserve — the most seen here in four decades. Among the raptors are a breeding pair that stand guard over a nest and hiss at occasional passersby.

Read full story at : This LAX-adjacent ghost town is now ‘priceless coastal real estate’ for rare owls – Los Angeles Times

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