Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 19, 2018

Yosemite and King’s Canyon/Sequoia Bird Counts

This Sunday marked Yosemite’s 87th annual Christmas Bird Count! In just one day, 34 participants observed over 60 bird species, from great horned owls to hummingbirds. The National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count began in the year 1900 in response to the holiday tradition of the “Side Hunt,” where marksmen would vie to bring down the most birds and game in a single day. Today, hundreds of events take place every year across the country, giving birders of all ages and experience levels a chance to gather, celebrate the holidays, and help us better understand and protect our feathered neighbors.

Find a bird count near you or check out trends seen over the years:…/science/christmas-bird-count

Last Saturday, 35 volunteers participated in the 18th Sequoia Christmas Bird Count. Splitting up in small groups to count different routes from the foothills up to higher elevations, enthusiastic birders documented a total of 64 species and over 1,690 individual birds. Our non-profit partner, Sequoia Parks Conservancy, coordinates this annual event. This year marks the 119th Christmas Bird Count nationally –these long-term data help document changes in bird distribution and abundance.

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