Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 1, 2018

Eastern National Forest Fall Colors 10/31/18

Eastern Regional National Forests have the following fall color reports


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

A few pops of color can still be seen on the prairie, including the crimson colored rosehips. The grasses have mostly all turned their autumn shades of brown.

Shawnee National Forest

The Shawnee National Forest colors have amplified over the past week. The trees are twice as colorful with all the Yellow, Orange and Red colors. With the beautiful colors of the trees and temperatures change we will start seeing a lot more color change. This is the time pf year you need to put on your hiking shoes and enjoy the beautiful Shawnee. For some spectacular views, check out One Horse Gap in Pope County.


Hoosier National Forest

Fall colors are in full swing! The maples are bright yellow and red, the tulip poplars are yellow and brown, the sycamores are green and yellow, and the oaks are green and orange. Just in time for Halloween we have breathtaking colors! Though strong winds and heavy rains are in the forecast this week, it should clear up by the week-end, providing a great opportunity for a scenic drive through the Forest.


Superior National Forest

Very few leaves are left on the trees, not even tamaracks.  The forest is quiet with all shades of brown and a wonderful spot to seek peace.  Fall is done for the year, and we await snow.

The Superior offers a great variety of winter recreation opportunities; link.


Mark Twain National Forest

Fall colors are beginning to pop throughout the Mark Twain National Forest! In the southern reaches of the Forest in the Cassville unit, colors are just starting to take over the canopies. We predict peak color by the end of this week or next week. For a spectacular view of the colorful display, check out Fourche Lake.


Wayne National Forest

Autumn hues are popping on the Wayne National Forest! After a few weeks of cooler temperatures, the leaves are really starting to turn, and we are nearing peak color! Maples are brightening to scarlet, black gums are deepening to crimson, and oaks are turning russet or gold. We hope you’ll enjoy the show by hiking, picnicking, or taking a driving tour with your loved ones.


Allegheny National Forest

It seems most of the Allegheny National Forest has reached peak color for the season.  The maples and poplars are bright yellow.  The scarlet oaks are turning red, while most of the other oak species remain green with a few hints of orange showing up. Get out for a hike and enjoy the fall colors in the forest!

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