Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 12, 2018

California Fall Color Updates 9/11/18

California Fall Color has posted a number of early fall color observations since coming back on-line. They include:

  • Just Starting (0-10%) – Wilderotter Vineyard, Plymouth (Sierra Foothills AVA)
  • Patchy to Near Peak (10-75%) – California Black Walnut, Santa Monica Mountains, Bel Air.
  • Peak (75-100%) – Lassen Volcanic National Park – Meadow grasses and shrubs above 7,500′ in elevation are at peak color, though deciduous trees are still green.
  • Near Peak (50-75%) – Bracken – These showy autumn ferns vary, presently, in fall color from Just Starting to Peak, depending on locale. They’re near peak in Kyburz, off US 50.
  • Just Starting (0-10%) – Lassen National Forest (5,600′) – Aspen groves at Bogard Campground and along the Black Lake Loop are exhibiting some of the earliest fall color yet reported in California.
  • Just Starting (0-10%) – Mammoth Lakes (8,500′)

Go to California Fall Color to see full reports and photos.

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