Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 27, 2018

Mt. Rainier Wildflowers 7/20/2018

Mt. Rainier has recently updated its wildflower site, however the report is already a week old.

Currently Blooming

The contrasting colors of Mount Rainier’s subalpine meadows certainly stand out! Magenta paintbrush pops against pale yellow bracted lousewort. Scarlet paintbrush competes with purple subalpine asters. Rosy spirea complements pearly everlasting. While the variation is attractive to people, we can thank pollinators – bees, flies, beetles, birds, and more – for our rainbow meadows. Each pollinator prefers a different combination of color, scent, shape, and size in their ideal wildflower.


See new reports for Sunrise, Grove of Patriarchs, Steven Canyon Road and Paradise and other wildflower areas and 13 photos at 

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