Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 18, 2018

Wildflowers Around California (4/14 to 4/17)

Where to photo in California (Calphoto) has the following update for April 17 for North Table Mt.

On April 16 the valley was pounded by huge black cold thunderstorms producing much hail.  … revisited April 17 and found many species ragged, especially the poppies and goldfields with piles of ice about in grasslands through mid day.  Even though it was a sunny warm by afternoon day, poppies were still so affected by the cold storm that only about 5% opened.   At this point still very much worth a visit especially for those that have never visited.  Beware of all the soft muddy trails so be prepared with footwear.  Ought to have some images up on my site in about a week.

Botanical Wanderings in California has photos for

  • 4/15 along Hostetter Fire Rd in La Tuna Canyon.
  • 4/13 Merced River Canyon
  • 4/17 Morse Canyon, high above Etiwanda CA in the foothills
  • 4/14 Spitler Peak Trail
  • 4/15 Kern County Granite Foothills
  • 4/15 nice patch of Calochortus catalinae along Hwy 150 between Ojai and Carpinteria.

California Wildflower Report has photos for

  • April 15 Lupinus excubitus var. excubitus (Grape Soda lupine)- Near Sawmill creek, ~4,000 ft, Eastern Sierra Nevada
  • April 16 San Simeon Bay Trail
  • April 16 North Table Mt. (likely taken before hail storm mentioned above)
  • April 15 Sand Canyon, near Ridgecrest

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