Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 1, 2018

Pt. Reyes Wildflowers: Kehoe Beach 4/1/18

Much of the Kehoe Beach trail is dominated by large areas of alien Mustard. Eventually at the end of trail the mustard stops and there are large displays of California Poppies and Goldfields with sprinklings of other native plants on the hillside at the end of the Kehoe Beach Trail  just above the beach. Take the unmarked trail uphill next to the sign about pet restrictions just before the Beach. One of the best places to see wildflower displays at Pt. Reyes.

See a wildflower slideshow for the three days I spent looking at wildflowers at Pt. Reyes at YouTube at 3 Days at Pt. Reyes

Kehoe Beach Plant List:

  • Goldfields
  • California Poppy
  • Beach Strawberry
  • Douglas Iris
  • Cow Parsnip
  • Yellow Bush Lupine
  • Sea Thrift
  • California Poppy
  • Blue-eyed Grass
  • Hedge Nettle
  • Seaside Daisy
  • Coast Fiddleneck
  • Tidytips
  • A lavender lupine
  • Miner’s Lettuce
  • Baby Blue-eyes
  • Creamcups
  • Manroot or Wild Cucumber
  • Red Maids
  • Beach Dandelion
  • California buttercup
  • Johnny Tuck
  • Lots of alien Mustard!!


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