Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 31, 2018

Pt. Reyes Wildflowers: Abbott’s Lagoon 3/31/18

On the way out to Abbott’s Lagoon at Pt.Reyes on Sir Francis Drake Tomales Pt. Road  there was a lot of Red Elderberry in bloom.

Overall there were lots of species in bloom but less flowers than I usually see this time of year. Along the trail going out to Abbott’s Lagoon from the parking lot the most abundant plant was Manroot or Wild Cucumber. Also in bloom were California Poppy, Salmon Berry, Checker Mallow, Marsh Buttercup, California Buttercup, Sun Cups, Blackberry, Fiddleneck, Candy Flower, Miner’s Lettuce and Douglas Iris. The Marsh Buttercup had nice displays by the boardwalk area.

Crossing over the bridge to the sandy area including the dunes it gets more flowery. There we found Sea Rocket, Beach Strawberry, Yellow Sand Verbena, Beach Suncups, Beach Dandelion, Purple Shrubby  Lupines, Gumplant, Artemesia, Beach Layia,  a very tiny popcorn, and Wallflower.

Going up to trail to headlands south of the bridge were Goldfields, California Buttercup, two lupine species, Foot-steps-of-Spring, Yellow Lomatium, Johnny Tuck, the minuscule Sand Pigmy-weed and one of my favorites, Pussy Ears, Calochortus tolmei.

Watch for Poison Oak as it is along both sides of the trail and it is especially abundant on the headlands.

Although the main focus of the day was flowers and flower photography, we did see some birds. There were White-crowned Sparrows (easily the most abundant bird of the day), Red-winged Blackbirds, , Turkey Vulture, Raven, American Crow, Song Sparrow, California Quail. Heard only were a Rail and a Yellowthroat. Also seen were deer and a river otter.

See a wildflower slideshow for the three days I spent looking at wildflowers at Pt. Reyes at YouTube at 3 Days at Pt. Reyes


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