Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 2, 2018

Southern California Wildflower Reports 3/2/18

Theodore Payne just published their first wildflower report of the season. Some highlights below. See full post and flowers at

Due to our dry winter throughout the SoCal region, it will be challenging to find showy displays of wildflowers. We will find scattered patches and pockets to view flowers, but don’t expect masses of blooms in one place. Wildflowers are finicky and ephemeral, so depending on the weather and species of plant, they can flower, peak and decline within 7-10 days. For this reason I try to keep the time I get an original report to the time it is posted on the hotline to within 7-10 days. I strongly suggest that before you make an extensive trip with high expectations, check out websites or phone your destination to get an update. The site info is on most of the links we provide. Remember that the hunt is often more fun than the find!

Pinnacles National Park. Although the rainfall in Northern California has been below normal as well, it has been more seasonally wet (during winter months) than rain falling in Southern California. The larger perennial natives benefit most.  The splashes of color against the awesome landscape of the Pinnacles is a must-see experience.

Carrizo Plain National Monument is “Not looking like a good year for wildflowers at this point.” Again, if the recent rainfall is significant and reoccurring over the next few weeks, future reports may be more promising.

Too dry and cool for much to be happening at the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve SRA. If the recent rains are substantial enough, the hardy California poppies may make a show for visitors yet. Stay tuned.

Elizabeth Learning Center, the Habitat Gardens are re-wilding the city of Cudahy with their chaparral, desert, and vernal pool ecosystems; and despite the dry winter many species are beginning to flower!


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