Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 13, 2017

Eastern Sierra Fall Color Report 10/12/17

Reposted from Eastern Sierra Facebook page

Eastern Sierra Report for yesterday, October 12, 2017

Owens Valley, Bishop (around town) and Round Valley: Green and yellow. One or two cottonwoods at peak, mostly early.

McGee Creek: Past peak but photogenic. Some areas of nice light orange color along the lower portion of the creek just below McGee Campground, but otherwise, color tones in the valley and around the pack station up to the trailhead are deep yellow, gold, brown and bare. Some green patches but they look like they will go straight to brown soon rather than color up. Creek area is very nice, but color there is gold, brown and fading.

Convict Lake: Mostly past peak. A few gorgeous orange topped trees around the resort but with a view of buildings, not the lake. Several nice gold cottonwoods right at the marina. Campground is brown and deep gold. The area along southern edge of the lake is deep gold, brown, black and bare. Back of the lake was in shade and I couldn’t see well enough to evaluate. VERY CROWDED. Almost no parking.

Mammoth Lakes/Twin Lakes: Not much color in town or around Twin Lakes. A few nice yellow aspens on the Twin Lakes loop near Tamarack Lodge, but vegetation around the lake edge is deep gold, brown, black and bare.

Overall, the smoke is awful throughout the Eastside.The stretch of mountains from Wheeler Crest to Mt. Tom, Basin, Humphreys, etc., was barely visible. Thick haze everywhere.

If you’re coming up for the weekend, be prepared for big crowds. Enjoy!

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