Posted by: Sandy Steinman | September 22, 2017

Great Smoky Mountains Fall Color 9/22/17

Great Smoky Mountains National Park  reports

Early displays of fall color are visible throughout the park. Though primarily still green, touches of color can be seen at all elevation ranges.

In the lower elevations, faint displays of red can be seen in dogwoods and sassafras while clumps of yellow are emerging in tulip poplars. Fall wildflowers such as the pale and spotted forget-me-nots cover the road shoulders in a brilliant display of yellow and orange.

Within the mid-elevations, trees such as red and sugar maples, buckeyes, and sweet gum are beginning to turn, giving visitors a glimpse of the beauty to come.

Currently, some of the best color in the park can be found in the higher elevations, above 5,000 feet, where yellow birch, American beech and witch hobble are showing measurable displays. Illuminating the road shoulders to Clingmans Dome, ferns turning a bright sunshine yellow are in abundance as numerous shrub species, particularly lowbush blueberry, are displaying rich hues of red. #FallColorFriday

You can check out the park’s webcams to see how fall colors are progressing:
Purchase Knob: (high elevation)…/…/parks/grsmpkcam/grsmpkcam.cfm
Look Rock (middle elevation):…/webc…/parks/grsmcam/grsmcam.cfm

Suggested scenic drives: Newfound Gap Road and Clingmans Dome Road


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