Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 26, 2017

World Shorebirds Day 2017 Is Approaching

The Global Shorebird Counting Program is one of the key events of the World Shorebirds Day, an effort to raise awareness about the importance of regular bird monitoring/counting as the core element of protection of bird populations and habitat conservation.

Global Shorebird Counting will take place between 1-7 September 2017

Why counting shorebirds is so important?

Saving birds without knowing the actual number of individuals of a bird species living in the world is impossible. Population figures should not be guesses! Those are the facts, based on countings carried out by thousands of volunteers and professionals worldwide. The result is an exact population figure and trend, which is one of the fundamental elements to assess the legal protection status of any species. Still, the importance of bird monitoring (regular counting) is underrated and often ignored by many.

This program aims to give a picture of the power of field work, to help non-counters to improve their counting skills, and to increase the number of counters worldwide.

How to be a part of this popular program of the World Shorebirds Day?

  1. Think about where will you be on the Global Shorebird Counting weekend (dates in our blog);
  2. Add your location(s) on the Google Map, where you most probably would do counting and make your registration;
  3. Follow our blog to get notified about new announcements;
  4. Go counting shorebirds on the weekend of Global Shorebird Counting weekend;
  5. Submit your data to eBird (find related technical details here) or send directly us (this is a less preferred way).

Learn more at  World Shorebirds Day 2017 is approaching


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  2. When I registered couldn’t figure out how to get location on Google Map. Any clues?


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