Posted by: Sandy Steinman | July 21, 2017

Eastern Sierra Wildflowers: Rock Creek Trails 7/18/17

Rock Creek Trails and a bit of Rock Creek road

We hiked along Little Lakes Valley Trail and got as far as the end of Heart Lake. It was wetter than I have seen it on previous visits. The highlight was several meadows with displays of Shooting Star. Many flowers are in bloom. Some flowers seemed  to be blooming a little later than usual, while others were right on time.   The Rock Creek Wildflowers book by Cathy Rose and Stephen Ingram was very helpful.

On the way down we stopped at areas between 9500 and 9700 feet elevation on the north side of the road.  There were many Kelley’s Lilies and Rein Orchids. Also Lupine, Paintbrush, Western Columbine, Richardson’s Geranium.

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Rock Creek Trail Plants in Bloom 7/18/17:

Slender Cinquefoil

Sticky Cinquefoil

Whorled Penstemon

Linear-leaved Paintbrush

Giant Red Paintbrush

Carpet Phlox

Prickly Phlox

Mountain Pride

Inyo Lupine

Single-stemmed groundsel

Subalpine Larkspur

Mt, Pennyroyal

Naked Buckwheat

Sulphur Buckwheat

Showy Penstemon

White Bark Pine (colorful male cones)

Snowberry 9in bud)

Rangers Buttons

Hoary Aster

Sierra Daisy

Meadow Linanthus

Carpet Phlox


Large Elephant-head

a tiny astragalus

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Alpine Shooting Star – several large displays

Western Columbine


Swamp Onion (in bud)

Club Moss-Ivesia

Primrose Monkeyflower

Mountain Monkeyflower

Rosy Everlasting

Matted Buckwheat

Red Heather several good patches

Labrador Tea

Meadow Rue

Western Blue Flag Iris



Sierra Wallflower


White Rein Orchid



Toad Flax

Mt. Laurel

Alpine Sheep Sorrel

Sierra Soda Straw (in bud)


Birds seen, but mostly heard:


Clark’s Nutcracker


Mt. Chickadee

White-crowned Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Cassin’s Finch

Butterflies seen were Painted Lady,  Swallowtails sp., Blues sp.




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