Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 17, 2017

Santa Monica Mts. Wildflowers 6/16/17

Santa Monica Mts. National Recreation Area has  a new wildflower report

Topanga Canyon State Park   Musch Trail 6/16/17
Days are getting hot. So in order to do this hike we started at 7am at Trippet Ranch. We took the Nature Trail to the fire road and continued toward Eagle Rock and then took the Musch Trail back to Trippet Ranch. The Trippet Ranch pond is still surrounded by tiny, hopping, juvenile western toads. So watch your step. They are fun to watch. Starting up the Nature Trail there is a wonderful group of Indian milkweed in full flower. Once we got to the fire road we saw the standard chaparral flowers of early summer; California buckwheat, slender tarweed, sticky monkey flower, laurel sumac, cliff aster and heart leaf penstemon. There are still great quantities of flowers. Further along the fire road we came to great patches of plummers mariposa lilies accompanied by lots of scarlet larkspur. They sight is really stunning. Heading down the Musch Trail we encountered a new set of flowers that included mustard evening primrose, white pincushion, poppies, yellow monkey flower, sticky phacelia, black sage, and to my surprise, the beautiful notable penstemon. It seemed that every turn of the trail brought a new surprise. Once it was a meadow filled with farewell-to-spring and purple clarkia. Once it was a shady spot filled with Indian pinks. Once it was a coiled rattlesnake. Once it was another grassy area studded with narrow leaf milkweed, vervain and sticky madia. A 3.5 mile hike and we were finished by 9am.

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