Posted by: Sandy Steinman | June 6, 2017

Hungry Valley Wildflowers 6/4/17

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower  report for 6/4/17

There are still flowers blooming with a nice display of datura at the north entrance. The poppies are scattered, but there are several other plants in bloom along the roads in the grasslands heading toward Condor Mesa. Along the way, watch for the prickly poppies and California primrose in full bloom with their large white showy blossoms. The lupine and chia are still flowering, adding some purple to the landscape. The bush mallow is just starting to bloom with its pale pinkish-purple flowers.

The Mariposa lilies alone are worth the trip to Condor Mesa. There are several colors in bloom and quite a few congregated on the mesa. Please remember that the road to Condor Mesa is narrow and steep; 4WD is recommended. Be especially careful on the blind corners!

The yucca continues to bloom throughout the park and even has new buds sprouting, so the show should continue for a few more weeks. The paintbrush is adding a splash of red around the park and was seen on the hillsides with the speckled clarkia. The speckled clarkia is also known as farewell-to-spring, and, with the wildflower season winding down, this will be the last report for this year.

There are still plenty of flowers to be seen, the weather is beautiful and the crowds are light; it’s a great time to plan a trip to Hungry Valley! Have a safe summer and enjoy the park!

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