Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 24, 2017

Hungry Valley Wildflowers 5/21/17

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower  report for 5/21/17

While many of the flowers have faded, the warm weather and the rain a few weeks ago have encouraged the California poppies! The orange patches of poppies are getting larger and are easier to see as the grass turns brown. There are several nice displays along the north entrance road and in the grasslands. The prickly poppies can also be seen around the park with their large showy white flowers on tall prickly stalks.

New bloomers are still being found; the larkspur has flowered above the fiddlenecks along Powerline Road near Badger, and the chaparral nightshade was spotted in the grasslands as well. The golden yarrow has added a splash of yellow to many areas of the park.

The yerba santa continues to blossom along several of the roads and trails with its pale purple flowers. The bladderpod is fading flower-wise, but the large green seed pods now illustrate the name. The yuccas are in full bloom in the south end of the park.

Two types of the Mariposa lily are blooming along the north entrance road and the S curve near Smith Forks. The desert Mariposa lily is a deep orange while the butterfly Mariposa lily comes in several shades, with burgundy being seen on the hill above the kiosk.

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