Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 15, 2017

Oakland Camp Wildflowers 5/13/17

The blackoaknaturalist reports Oakland Camp in Plumas county near Quincy

A week ago after work I went out toward Oakland Camp to check on the status of the Mountain Lady Slippers.  …. I saw several of the plants with no buds yet.  Yesterday, I went to the same spot and Voila!  Blossoms.  They are not yet fully open, but certainly identifiable as the flowers of the Mountain Ladyslipper.  I hadn’t even gotten around to posting all of the photos of other species that I took on that trip last week.  But these new blossoms were so exciting, I decided to jump ahead.  Also, just a few feet away from the Ladyslippers were dozens of specimens of the Spotted Coralroot, another orchid, in full bloom.  I hadn’t noticed even small shoots last week. The soil temperature and moisture must be ideal, because things are happening fast.  Also, every time I turn around I see another species blooming for the first time.  Western Dog Violet, Scarlet Fritillary, various species of Ranunculus (buttercups), a few Stickseed (Forget-me-nots), among others.  My favorite photos from yesterday’s outing was the newly blooming Lemmon’s Wild Ginger.

See photos at It Happened So Fast!

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