Posted by: Sandy Steinman | April 24, 2017

Hungry Valley Wildflowers 4/23/17

Hungry Valley OHV has a new wildflower  report for 4/23/17

A few more poppies are being seen, but in some areas the grass is getting so tall it is hard to see the flowers. Look for them in the grasslands near the north entrance and along the freeway frontage road between Gorman and Quail Lake Road to see some of the best displays so far.

Heading into the park from the north will take you past some nice bush lupine and the sunflower-looking balsam root. The fiddleneck flowers that have faded in the grasslands have taken over much of the valley floor, adding their golden hue to the yellow landscape. The desert primrose is beginning to make an appearance and are easy to identify from the big white flowers.

The purple sage is in full bloom along the S curves near Smith Forks and on the road toward Piru Creek and a lot of scarlet buglers are being seen. More and more of the yucca are blooming and are starting to put on a show between Aliklik and Lane Ranch campgrounds.

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