Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 16, 2017

Wild in Arizona 3/16/17

Wild in Arizona reports

  • Bartlett Lake is in the peak of a poppy bloom now and is the best showing in a decade. Lupine are a foot tall on the high slopes and lots of other wildflowers to fill in the open spaces. Thats not the good news Bartlett is 1-2 weeks away from an epic Brittlebush bloom. If we get rain we could see a 1998 double bloom the hillsides will be covered in gold and yellow with some red chuparosa.Try Horseshoe Lake if you want to miss the crowds the hillsides on the west side of the road are looking good.
  • The Rolls bloom is good but the area has been invaded by ORV’s cutting down fences.There is a good Orange Globe Mallow carpets west of Gila Bend along the river.Just received a getting close to dune blooms report on Mohawk dunes.
  • Lake Pleasant is also having a once a decade bloom follow the directions in our book
  • White Tanks are getting ready for the brittlebush bloom
  • The Gibraltar’s is Peak now and best in the past 15 years
  • Tres Alamos I have not seen it but reports of Joshua trees blooming.

See photos  and full report at Wild in Arizona

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