Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 13, 2017

Anza-Borrego Updates 3/13/17

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park park  reports on 3/13/17

Due to the extremely large number of visitors to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Borrego Springs is experiencing heavy traffic congestion, so please expect traffic delays and long waits for parking.  Please be patient.  We encourage visitors to come early or later rather than midday.


Three new wildflower reports at Anza-Borrego Desert Wildflowers

It’s warm again, so a higher elevation hike.
We’ve not visited Bittercreek this season, so this hike is long overdue.
This is just east of the mile 15 hike, but the terrain is very different, at least no fields of Erodium cicutarium but like in most other places too many London rocket, Sisymbrium irio.
The most visible bloomer right now: Wild canterbury bells, Phacelia minor.
Best blooming scrub: Cooper’s desert thorn, Lycium cooperi.
Most striking germination: The Wide throated yellow monkeyflower, Mimulus brevipes in very high numbers.

Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 72 + 3
Species in bloom above 3000 feet: 44

Pictures: Bitter creek loop

Tom Chester on his trip on the desert floor.
Bloom count moved to 3/12 to fit the graph.

Species in bloom below 3000 feet: 71

More info: Tom Chester

It’s warm, so time to seek out a higher elevation hike.
This is always a nice bush walk along the many springs. Springs always equals a higher bloom count than you would otherwise have on the same elevation.
Maybe a bit early to draw conclusions, but most of the many Malacothamnus San Diego undefined seem to have died off.

Species in bloom above 3000 feet: 50

Pictures: The springs in Culp Valley

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