Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 11, 2017

Texas Wildflower Updates 3/11/17

Texas  Gary Regner Photography reports

With such a warm February I had expected fields of wildflowers to be popping up, at least in the southern areas, but a cold front followed by an extended period of overcast days seems to have slowed down growth. Wildflowers need sun, and the forecast calls for a string of sunny days this coming week after rain this weekend. By next weekend we should see some good blooms. In 2012 there were already large fields of wildflowers south of San Antonio in Atascosa county by March 14. In the meantime, wildflowers continue to bloom along roadways in the Austin area in time for SXSW and Spring Break. Mountains Laurels are done blooming, but redbuds continue with many other trees now pollinating. Pollen levels are through the roof!

I’ve received numerous reports of very green conditions all over south Texas and the Hill Country. As long as moderate rain continues and it doesn’t get too hot, this should be an average to above average season, and much better than last year.

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