Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 4, 2017

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve Wildflower Hotspot

from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Website

CDFW will not be offering wildflower tours for the 2017 season.

Description: Created by ancient lava (basalt) flows, the approximately 3,300 acre North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is an elevated basalt mesa with beautiful vistas of spring wildflowers, waterfalls, lava outcrops, and a rare type of vernal pool, called Northern Basalt Flow Vernal Pools. Typically fissures in the basalt soak up winter rains, forming seasonal streams and waterfalls. In a few places, however, the underlying basalt is impermeable to water forming a temporary pool. Soon to dry up after rains end, only specialized plants and animals adapted to this habitat can survive over time.

Despite the impacts of non-native invasive plant species, range management practices, such as cattle grazing, have contributed to maintaining spectacular wildflower blooms that draw many visitors from near and far to the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve.

For more information, call the North Central Region Rancho Cordova office at (916) 358-2900 or the reserve at (916) 358-2869 or contact Region 2 Interpretive Services

Click read more for more about North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

Sturdy closed-toe footwear and water bottles are advised when visiting the area.  Cattle grazing on the reserve is used as a management tool to reduce thatch and non-native grass species to benefit native plants. Please do not approach the cattle closer than 300 feet.

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve

North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is open to the public year round, dawn to dusk, for self-guided visits. Staff will be onsite Saturdays and Sundays during March and April.

  • Potable water and trash receptacles are not available at the site. Please be prepared to pack out your own trash.
  • Dogs on lease are allowed.
  • Collecting and removing plants or animals is not permitted.
  • Park only at safe pullouts on Cherokee Road when the CDFW parking lot is full
  • Dress for the weather. Hats, sunscreen, snacks, water, and sturdy closed-toe footwear are recommended.

Restroom Facilities

Portable restrooms are provided in the parking area during wildflower season only.


From Hwy 70 in Oroville, exit at Grand Ave (Exit 48). Go East on Grand Ave for 1 mile. Left on Table Mountain Blvd for a tenth of a mile. Right on Cherokee Road 6.3 miles north to the reserve. Official access is through a small parking lot on the west side of Cherokee Road.

Special Restrictions and Advisories

  • Please do not approach the cattle closer than 300 feet.
  • Removal of mineral, archaeological, or natural resources in any form is prohibited except as provided in CCR Title 14, §650
  • Removal or disturbance of any form of plant or animal life is prohibited except as provided in CCR Title 14, §650
  • No collecting is allowed except as provided in CCR Title 14, §650.
  • Camping is not allowed.
  • Fires of any kind are not allowed including fireworks, or other explosive or incendiary devices.
  • Dogs on the reserve must be retained on a leash of less than 10 feet.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited except on designated access roads and parking areas.
  • Any refuse resulting from a person’s use of an area must be removed from the area by that person.
  • Horses and bicycles are prohibited from entering the reserve.

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