Posted by: Sandy Steinman | February 17, 2017

Texas Wildflower Predictions

Gary Regner Photography reports on February 17, 2017 –

Trees Blooming –After a strong El Nino in 2016, climate scientists declared a La Nina. Now apparently, the very short lived La Nina is over and neutral conditions exist. What does that mean for spring wildflowers? Who knows. What does matter is that there has been good rainfall during the fall that has continued all through winter. In central Texas we’ve seen a roller coaster of temperatures, from the coldest temperatures seen in years, to multiple record highs in the 80’s. These warmer temperatures have caused trees to bloom early, the earliest I’ve seen since 2012. Mountain laurels have been blooming for a week or more, and redbuds have begun this week. This usually means we are a month or less from a significant annual wildflower bloom. I am very optimistic about the prospects for an average to above average bloom this year.

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