Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 25, 2016

New California Fall Color Updates 10/24/16

California Fall Color has the following new updates

Luther Pass (CA-89)( 10/22/16), the route connecting the Hope Valley and South Lake Tahoe, was peaking on Saturday when color spotter Maggie Huang visited.
Quaking aspen were deep orange and red, with a few splashes of yellow and lime.
Luther Pass (7,740′) – Peak (75-10%) GO NOW!
See photos at Luther Pass Peaks

The Community United Methodist church in Quincy (10/24/16) has a halo of orange and yellow color surrounding it and is absolutely beatific.  GO NOW!
Community United Methodist Church, Quincy (3,432′) – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!
See photos at  Methodist Church

McArthur-Burney Falls (10/23/16) “pleased to find that the black oak trees that populate the area were turning. Some of the oaks within the park were at full peak with burnt orange hues, while many others–especially those near Burney Falls–were near peak with leaves running the gamut from green to yellow to orange.”
He estimates that the foliage will continue to develop in coming weeks, though characterizes the scene as “near peak,” stating “Burney Falls is a spectacular sight in any season, but seeing it framed by fall colors is a special late-October treat.”
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park (2,907′) – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!
See photos at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

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