Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 20, 2016

Yosemite Waterfall, Wildflowers & Birds 5/19/16

Yosemite Nature Notes Blog reports on 5/19/16

Waterfalls are cranking; the Merced peaked just a little early, at an above average (not extreme) flow a few days ago. Another peak is possible, though seems unlikely. Snowpack water content from 1 May was 57% of normal for the Merced watershed. Lower elevation streams are shrinking away, but tributaries like Sentinel and Ribbon are flowing strongly in multiple channels. Meadows are wet. Tioga Road opened to cars yesterday – and we expect snow tomorrow night. There is still a lot of snow and runoff in the high country, so consider that in hiking plans.

Wildflowers continue to delight: dogwoods are fading in the Valley, but yet to emerge at Tuolumne Grove. The foothills show nice swatches of Clarkia (Farewell-to-Spring); buckeye and elderberry are in bloom. The Valley has azalea showing up, violets, groundsel, snowplant. Gooseberry has gone to fruit.

Tanagers, grosbeaks and vireos fill the canopies with song. Mallard ducklings are paddling the quiet waters already. Flickers and hairies are in/out of nest cavities now. Bears are active at most elevations.

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