Posted by: Sandy Steinman | March 22, 2016

Good News For Bats

The Nature Conservancy reported on how a researcher trying to develop a way to stop mold in bananas discovered that the anti-fungal compounds he was working with could be used to stop White Nose Syndrome. White Nose Syndrome is a fungus that has already killed over 6 million bats. Bats are considered a “Keystone Species”  as without their pollination and seed-dispersing services, local ecosystems could gradually collapse as plants fail to provide food and cover for wildlife species. Read about this work at Holy Bananas, Batman! – The Nature Conservancy

Bat Conservation International  reports “Bat species consume vast amounts of insects, including some of the most damaging agricultural pests. Others pollinate many valuable plants, ensuring the production of fruits that support local economies, as well as diverse animal populations. Fruit-eating bats in the tropics disperse seeds that are critical to restoring cleared or damaged rainforests. Even bat droppings (called guano) are valuable as a rich natural fertilizer.”


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