Posted by: Sandy Steinman | May 21, 2015

Oregon Wildflowers: Ochoco Mountains 5/19/15

Oregon Wildflowers has a report for the Ochoco Mountains (Big Summit Prairie)

One of the best wildflower areas in Central Oregon. Many past peak and near peak species. Numerous Paintbrush (castlleja) and Owl Clover (orthocarpus barbatus), Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Wyethia Helianthoides, Penstemon, Buckwheat (eriogonum nudum), Larkspur, Bistort, Old Man’s Beard (geum triflorum), Blue Camas, Death Camus, Stonecrop, Blue Bells, Grass Widow (sisyrinchium), Wild Flag Iris, Frasera Abicaulis, Shooting Star, Prairie Star, Large Flowered Brodiaea (triteleia grandiflora), and much more. New to us this visit: Marsh Yellowcress (rorippa palustris), Modoc Hawksbeard (crepis modocensis)


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