Posted by: Sandy Steinman | December 11, 2014

Digiscope Photographers Of The Year

The category winners and overall champion in the 2014 Swarovski Digiscoper of the Year award have been revealed in the December issue of Birdwatch,.

The four category winners were as follows:
• Behaviour & Action: Angie Luzader of the USA with a photo of a Great Egret entitled Fan of Feathers.
• Portrait: Aris Houwing of The Netherlands with a Black-necked Grebe titled Mesmerizing.
• Mammals: Michael Gibson of Australia with a Rusa Deer titled Stag and his Crown.
• Video: Jürgen Bergmann of Germany with a film featuring various bird species entitled Faszination Natur.

The overall winner was Jürgen Bergmann with his digiscoped video. (I was especially impressed with this one.)

See winning and runner up photos and videos at


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  2. […] Digiscope Photographers Of The Year […]


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