Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 22, 2014

Foggy Botanic Garden Photos 11/22/14

Here are a few quick photos I took with a compact camera at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Berkeley this morning. It was a very atmospheric and foggy fall morning.

I was walking around the garden waiting for  today’s Roderick Lecture “A rose is still a rose, but is a monkeyflower still a Mimulus? Where have all the monkeyflowers gone…findings from the lab and the field ” by Naomi Fraga. It was on how most Monkeyflowers are no longer in the genus Mimulus but are now either in Diplacus or Erythranthe. Additionally, Monkeyflowers are no longer in the Scrophulariaceae or Figwort family  but are now in Phrymaceae or Lopeseed family.

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