Posted by: Sandy Steinman | November 6, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Color 11/6/14

 Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors Tracker has the following quick summary update for 11/6/14

As we have reached beyond October on the Parkway, the remnant of fall colors can only be found at the lower elevations. The color change started in late September at the highest elevations and has been steadily progressing down towards lower ground ever since.

In Virginia at the north end of the Parkway, there is still some color in the James River area and on the protected slopes and hollows. Some of the trees still have their leaves in these areas, and there is a general yellowish-rust color across the landscape. The hickory and maple trees seem to be taking center stage right now, with quite a showing of golds and yellows.

The higher elevations of North Carolina, like Grandfather Mountain, Craggy Gardens, and south of Asheville, are beyond their peak, but the drive up to them and the valleys below are still bright with good colors.

Traveling the Parkway through Asheville and north or south up to 3,000 feet is the best place to see colors, with a good mix of red, yellow, gold, and brown still showing.

As always, we recommend driving some distance on the Parkway so that you can change elevation and north-south orientation to be sure and get some of the good color. It is a crowded time on the Parkway, so be careful and take your time visiting America’s favorite drive. Enjoy the view, but watch the road.

See full Report at  Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Colors Tracker.

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