Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 28, 2014

Vandal Defacing National Parks With Graffiti

 National Park Service Press Release

Vandalism reported in 10 national parks of the West

Incidents illustrated on social media

WASHINGTON: The National Park Service is investigating reports of vandalism in at
least 10 national parks in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, and Utah.

While we can’t discuss details of a case under investigation, we take the issue of
vandalism seriously. National parks exist to preserve and protect our nation’s natural,
cultural and historic heritage for both current and future generations. Vandalism is a
violation of the law and it also damages and sometimes destroys often irreplaceable
treasures that belong to all Americans.

There are forums for artistic expression in national parks because national parks inspire
artistic creativity. These images are outside that forum and outside the law.

Background: Vandalism, as described in the Code of Federal Regulations, 36 CFR 2.31
(a)(3):Destroying, injuring, defacing, or damaging property or real property.

Parks affected: Yosemite National Park, California; Death Valley National Park,
California; Crater Lake National Park, Oregon; Zion National Park and Canyonlands
National Park,bothin Utah. We are awaiting confirmation in Grand Canyon National
Park, Arizona;Sequoia KingsCanyon National Park and Joshua Tree National Park,
both in California;Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado; Bryce National Park, Utah.


Recent article on incidents Graffiti in the national parks isn’t art: it’s a narcissistic crime against us all |The Guardian

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