Posted by: Sandy Steinman | October 9, 2014

Chattahoochee-Ocnee Nat. Forest Fall Color 10/9/14

Chattahoochee-Ocnee National Forest has a new fall color report for 10/9/14

The recent cool snap should be the catalyst needed to get the fall color to develop.
Temperatures are forecast to be a few degrees above average through the middle
of next week. This will allow the physiological processes in the leaves to proceed
a little more quickly. By Wednesday or Thursday next week, we should see
temperatures cooling. It all makes for a peak color season to be right on time from
about the 15th of the month through the first week in November barring any
severe weather that might blow a lot of leaves off the trees.

Your best bet to check the weather and see the color so you’ll know when to make
that drive into the mountains is to monitor the Brasstown Bald webcams. You can
already see some nice color around the visitor center and some color is developing
on the surrounding slopes. Here are some suggestions for driving tours through
the mountains this fall.

  • Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway
  • U.S. Highway 76 between Blairsville and Clayton
  • State Highway 197 between Clarksville and U.S. Highway 76. Very pastoral
    and scenic.

Other good drives will be along Georgia Highway 52 anywhere between Chatsworth
and Dahlonega.

For other locations and scenic drives, check out some of the digital maps you can



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